First Impressions: Pixel Mago Speedlite for Canon

We’ve received Pixel’s new flash gun for Canon E-TTL II, the Mago. We’ve made an unboxing video that includes our first impressions of it.

Too long; didn’t watch:

  • Comes with: flash stand, omnibounce, pouch, manual
  • Like: large feature set, easy to use, good build quality
  • Dislike (although wait for the full review): omnibounce too loose, beeps at every key press (although beep can be disabled completely

Update: Pixel have told us the Mago is not the X-650C, just “Mago”.

11 thoughts on “First Impressions: Pixel Mago Speedlite for Canon

    1. I haven’t a 650D, so I can’t test that for myself, but during my first tests it’s worked well with my 5D3 and 600EX, both on-camera and wirelessly. Why do you doubt it is compatible?

      1. Because i’m buying x-650 (not C) and camera 650d refused to work with flash. Was the same with flash yongnuo yn-468.

  1. I was one of the first 20 testers. I am in the process of reviewing the X-600 flash. I have a Canon 7D and T4i (650). I test the flash on both cameras. Seems to work fine on both cameras.

    Agree about the diffuser. It feels loose. However, I could not shake it off the flash head. Even though I tried.

  2. I had bought the X650C from the taobao China a month ago, very cheap, many said Mago is the OEM of X650C. The diffuser is really very loose, but it can be easily fixed by using a hair-blower to heat it up and press the sides slightly inward, it will be fitted perfectly! But however, the E-TTL is so inaccurate, I always used to adjust it to -2 to -3 EV for not being over exposure, I wondered whether they could fix this by updating the firmware.

    1. I’ve heard other testers had troubles with E-TTL inacurracies, but haven’t experienced them myself; my Mago has always exposed within 0.3EV of my 600EX-RT (on 5D3, Evaluative metering).

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